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Meet the Team

The Chaplaincy team is made up of Christian Chaplains, each of whom serve a particular area of the centre, and Chaplaincy Partners who support other religious groups or engage in community work.



If you are interested in joining our team, as a Chaplain or a Chaplaincy Partner, then please get in touch.



Our Chaplains



A Chaplain is someone from the Christian community who is there specifically to listen to you. Our aim is to be a listening ear and a support to people who may be going through all sorts of issues in their lives – many of which have nothing to do with their work, and yet inevitably will affect them at work. We can give advice, we can give support, and we can pray for you and with you, should you want it. The Chaplains are committed to providing pastoral care to all staff; facilities and retail, temporary and permanent, and those of all faiths and none.



The Chaplains all have areas they are responsible for (e.g. “Chaplain to the Lower Guildhall,” “Chaplain to John Lewis,” “Chaplain to the Security Team,” etc.) and will drop into your place of work from time to time. They should also leave publicity materials detailing how to contact them.

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You can also get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

Chaplain to the Security Team

Prince Brown-Engmann


Chaplain to John Lewis

Kelvin Ediale


Chaplain to House of Fraser

John Hougham


Chaplain to Restaurants and Catering

Mary Olowu


Chaplain to the Upper Thames Walk Blue

Valerie Winchester

01322 223148

Chaplain to the Lower Guildhall

Jan Foreman


Chaplain to the West Village

Jacqueline Littlewood


Chaplain to the Lower Rose Gallery

Paul Winchester

01322 223148

Chaplain to Marks and Spencer

Michael Dale


Muslim Chaplaincy Partner

Imam Darr

Tel: 07964564940

Bluewater Community Forum Chair

Alistair Gregory


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Our Chaplaincy Partners


We are privileged to have a number of Chaplaincy Partners working alongside the Chaplains. These Chaplaincy Partners undertake community work or provide advice and support to members of staff from other faith groups. Our Chaplaincy Partners are all respected members of local faith communities. Some of them have regular “drop-in” times at The Place of Quiet. You can contact our Chaplaincy Partners directly, using the contact details below, or you can ask your Chaplain to refer you to one, should you want.

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Chaplain to the Upper Rose Gallery

Dave Green


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Muslim Chaplaincy Partner

Sidra Naeem

Please contact John Hougham if you would like to get in touch with Sidra

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