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Q - What is a Chaplain?


A - A Chaplain is someone from the faith community who is there specifically to listen to you. Our aim is to be a listening ear and a support to people who may be going through all sorts of issues in their lives – many of which have nothing to do with their work, and yet inevitably will affect them at work. We can give advice, we can give support, and we can pray for you and with you, should you want it.


Q - Why might I want to speak to a chaplain?


A - Chaplains listen, advise, support and pray. We can help with:


•  Celebrating or commemorating milestones such as the birth of a child, weddings and marriage preparation, or funeral and memorial ceremonies

•  Questions about beliefs and ethics

•  Challenges at work or home

•  Family issues, such as concerns about children or elderly relatives

•  Support through bereavement and mourning

•  Relationship issues, inlcuding support through separation or divorce

•  Money worries or employment difficulties


Q - How do we contact the Chaplains?


A - The Chaplains all have areas they are responsible for and will drop into your place of work from time to time. They should also leave publicity materials detailing how to contact them.  If you don't have these details then the Chaplains can be contacted by using the information in the “Meet the Team” section.


Q - Is there a Prayer Room or Chapel in Bluewater?


A - There is; it is called “The Place of Quiet” and is located in the Green Welcome Hall off the Lower Rose Gallery, between Pret A Manger and The Carphone Warehouse. The Place of Quiet provides a peaceful space for staff and guests at Bluewater to rest, reflect or pray alone or in small groups. There are washing facilities, prayer resources and a small library of sacred texts available for use. Qiblah is marked with an arrow on the floor. There is a small sofa area and the chaplaincy office is there also.


This space is open to those of all faiths and none, please respect the space and others who use it.


Q - Are there any regular services in The Place of Quiet?


A - Yes, there is a Christian Prayer Meeting on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 and there are Muslim Friday lunchtime (Jummah) Prayers led by an Imam.

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