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Robert Goodman (Bluewater General Manager)


The Chaplaincy Service at Bluewater is here to support the extensive team who work at Bluewater, both in retail and facilities management, and plays an important role in the Bluewater community. The majority of the chaplains’ work takes place unnoticed, other than by those who benefit behind the scenes, and is not widely publicised. The service provides one-on-one support and encouragement to individuals at times of need and celebration. I appreciate the commitment and the sensitive way in which the Chaplaincy team undertakes this valuable role in the Bluewater community.


Jo Webster (Mont Blanc, Chair of Bluewater Retail Partnership)


Initially I perceived the Chaplaincy to be about religious beliefs, now I have a full understanding of the work that they do, and appreciate the added value that they bring to people’s lives within the Bluewater community.


Simon Russell (Managing Director, John Lewis Bluewater)


The Chaplaincy Service at Bluewater is something that is fairly unique in my experience and certainly adds some value to our life working in a shop. The Chaplaincy Service provides an opportunity for individuals on the shop floor and for managers, as a sounding board for various current issues. The Chaplaincy Service has given a number of contributions towards our community here, both in the branch and the centre. Where it has particularly come into its own at the branch here is where there have been particularly difficult circumstances with individuals, sometimes on a one-to-one basis or part of a team.


Kevin Alovine (Boots Manager)


We employ around 300 colleagues and one of the things the Chaplaincy Service offers is someone who comes into the store on a regular basis and is able to talk to colleagues, and it gives them an opportunity to discuss some issues that may be on their minds and a lot of our colleagues have used this service. I think it’s a great added facility. I've certainly seen it as a benefit as we make sure that when we induct new colleagues we make them aware that there is that support available.


Mo Lucas (Bluewater Host)


I have recently taken custody of my grandchildren as they were going to go into care. I was asked if I would take them in and look after them. It took several months before Social Services sorted out benefits and money and by then I had used up my savings and had nothing left. The kids came to me with nothing, no clothes or toys. Ray the Chaplain, helped us in so many ways I can't explain. Through the Chaplaincy at Bluewater I got help with clothing, toys, food and money which helped us a great deal.